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As stewards of Central for nearly 20 years and inventors of both software supply chain management and Nexus Repository, Sonatype knows that the integrity of your build is critical.

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Share and manage components, binaries, and build artifacts with your own private and public hosted repositories using the world’s #1 repository manager.

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Work with the tools you already use in formats like Java, npm, Bower, NuGet, Docker, PyPI, and RubyGems. Integrate into your CI/CD pipelines with native plugins.

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Add enterprise features as your needs evolve. Start with the free Sonatype Nexus Repository OSS; then, upgrade to Pro for High Availability, premium support, automated failover, and SSO.

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Protect your repositories from malicious components, evaluate component risk and dependencies in-app, and enable development teams by tying your repository manager into the Sonatype Platform.

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